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Handyman Plan

The Handyman Plan is an annual subscription service that includes quarterly scheduled visits from a qualified Cypress Home & Carpentry team member who will conduct a variety of inspections, cleanings, and repairs based on the schedules below and provide a summary of all findings to the home owner. This plan also includes free project estimates while we're on site. If you ever choose to cancel the subscription, you will still be able to continue the services for 12 months from the date of last payment. If you no longer wish to receive services after cancelation, a prorated refund can be provided.

Every 3 Months

  • Interior

    • Change HVAC filter

    • Test smoke/CO detectors and change batteries

    • Test all GFCI Outlets

    • Inspect water heater for leaks and check if anode replacement is required. If required, we'll quote the cost of that job depending on the make and model

    • Check water softener salt and refill as necessary (salt included)

    • Check toilets and sinks for leaks

    • Test sump pump and backup

  • Exterior

    • Check exhaust vents for clogs or damage

    • Inspect gas meter for leaks

    • Inspect for water damage around windows, doors, pipes, and foundation

    • Check for ice dams in the winter

Every 6 Months

Every 12 Months

  • Interior

    • Clean bathroom exhaust fans

    • Inspect showers and tubs for gaps in caulking and grout. Reapply caulk as necessary

    • Inspect windows for air leaks

    • Check all accessible gas line connections for leaks

    • Check kitchen range exhaust filter and clean as necessary

  • Exterior

    • Clean off window well drains

    • Check siding for damage

    • Inspect roof drip edge and vents

    • Clean dryer duct and exhaust vent

  • Interior

    • Replace whole house humidifier screens

    • Drain water heater to remove any sediment

    • Inspect attic and crawlspaces for mold, rodents, or holes

    • Check all water and gas shutoff valves to make sure they function.

    • Check unfinished basement rim joists for air leaks and reseal as necessary

  • Exterior

    • Remove HVAC condenser cover and clean coils

    • Inspect fencing for rot or damage

    • Inspect decks for loose boards or railings. Re-secure as necessary​

    • Inspect exterior door weather stripping

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